Window/Door Alignment

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Window/Door Alignment

There are two main causes for both the windows and the doors in your Ottawa home to become difficult to either shut or open. These are caused by a shift in the floor of the house in the form of either warping, tilting or sloping. What causes the floor to do this is a support beam shift in a crawlspace or a basement wall.

The shifting beams and foundation walls are a result of shifting soil because of the level of moisture that weakens the soil supporting the crawlspace beam and the foundation footer, or basement wall. In any case, windows provide ventilation and are part of the overall design of the structure of the house. When they do not operate correctly because of a shifted window frame, which can be visible, it can be frustrating.

Specifically, when there is no understanding as to why the windows are in such a condition. If this condition exists with the windows on one side of your Ottawa home it is an indication the there is a need for a foundation inspection and possibly some form of foundation repair or in the instance of having a crawlspace, a support beam replacement.

Great Job with this company, I was very happy with all the work. They did a great job with waterproofing and underpinning my home.

– Michel K.