Settlement Sinking

If you suspect that, your Ottawa home is sinking or settling into the soil and getting damaged in the process. There are specific signs that indicate that a foundation is suffering from the soil shifting or moving away from the footers, causing them to sag and crack. This condition happens in a manner of months, years, or weeks and is hardly noticeable while it is taking place.

What can be a disconcerting aspect is that over time the damage done in a residential or a commercial building increases the longer that the settling sinking is ignored or undetected. Therefore, below is a list of some of the common indications you should look for if you suspect foundation settlement,

  • Look for stair-step cracks in brick or foundation, (basement), walls
  • Notice if the chimney leans
  • Separation of the drywall or sheetrock around the doors or windows
  • There are certain doors and windows that are difficult to shut or open
  • Your concrete slabs have cracked, (basement, patio, and garage floors)
  • Your interior walls, (the drywall or sheetrock), have signs of cracking

Our mission at Foundation Repair Ottawa is to fix any foundation settlement we come across by utilizing foundation piers or expanding foam for re-levelling your home. In addition, we also seal the cracks located in the interior of your basement floors caused by settlement sinking in Ottawa and the surrounding areas.