Wall Cracks

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Wall Cracks

In Ottawa, finding a wall crack is a common occurrence in houses that have basements. It can also happen in a house with a crawlspace. Nevertheless, when caught in time fixing the foundation wall crack is important.

The reason is a small crack in a foundation wall the size of 1/16th of an inch can cause serious issues by allowing moisture into the structure causing mould and mildew to grow and affect the air quality of the interior of the home. Keeping this in mind performing a periodic inspection of the both the interior and the exterior of your house is important, specifically after a long period of heavy rains and in particular a long cold winter.

This because water trapped or absorbed by soil with a concentration of clay can cause concrete to crack or heave. This happens in Ottawa and the surrounding areas when water expands in its frozen state, which is also called frost heaving. After a heavy rainy season, the ground can soften and collapse under the weight of the house. This is because the soil becomes saturated and shifts, resulting in the foundation to shift and manifest wall cracks.

There were 3 cracks in the foundation. Ben took the time to explain his work. His prices are fair and his work is honest. Would highly recommend!
– Darren J.