Damp Basements

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Damp Basements

If your basement is damp in Ottawa, it could stem from the heat, humidity outside, and moisture from a leak. In either scenario, mould will begin to grow, which can create health issues. Damp basements can also lead to floor joists rotting from the prolonged exposure to the high level of moisture in the air.

The most common occurrence of water entering into a basement is through leaking pipes, toilets, showers, or bathtubs, condensation from changes in temperature, and seepage from a flaw in the integrity of the foundation. Further damage can manifest in other structural damage and peeling paint. Additionally, while humidity in Ottawa is tolerable the conditions inside your home are affected by activities that create heat, such as operating your clothes dryer, showering, and cooking.

Furthermore, a damp basement may be caused by the migration of moisture through the concrete foundation of the home. In this case, the presence of the humidity and dampness is from the evaporation of the moisture present in the concrete. This condition can also be present due to the lower ambient temperature of the concrete compared to the air temperature.

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