Wood Rot

The condition traditionally called ‘dry rot’ is a misnomer. However, the cause for dry rot is a fungus called serpula lachrymals, a member of a family of fungus that triggers brown rot, (what dry rot actually is). Nevertheless, and aside from the scientific proof this fungus needs a 30% moisture level in wood to grow, and not using the fermentation process that was originally believed to be the cause. TAs far as Foundation Repair Ottawa is concerned the name dry rot still stands as a viable explanation.

This fungus generally grows undetected until a certain level of damage has been reached making it visible to the eyes and nose because of the musty smell it exudes. Where it is found is in crawlspaces with vents and basements that have any amount of standing water or flooding. Foundation Repair Ottawa has a process that we utilize to remove and repair the damage cause by this brown rot, (dry rot), condition.

Our process to clean and repair dry rot wood,

  • We remove the damaged and the nearly damaged wood and other materials
  • We wire brush affected areas
  • We thoroughly disinfect the area and work space
  • Finally, we rebuild and replace the structures we removed