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Foundation Cracks

The normal cause of foundation cracks is fluctuations in the amount of moisture contained in the soil that a structure is built upon. When the weather is dry in Ottawa and the surrounding areas, the soil will dry and of course, when the weather is damp the soil will reflect this same condition. This is when a structure will tend to sink into the ground.

Understanding the Link Between Foundation Cracks and Leaks

When it comes to the causes of foundation cracks, one of the most prevalent factors is the fluctuation in soil moisture content upon which a structure is built. Timely intervention for foundation leaks Ottawa can save you from extensive restoration expenses. Don’t underestimate the impact of foundation leaks Petawawa; they can compromise your home’s stability and safety.

Ottawa and its surrounding areas witness varying weather conditions, and these fluctuations have a direct impact on the soil beneath your property. In times of dry weather, the soil dries out, and conversely, during damp weather, it retains moisture. It’s during these fluctuations that structures may begin to sink into the ground.

Manifestations of Foundation Cracks

The consequence of this sinking and shifting soil can be seen in the form of cracks that emerge in various parts of the structure. Concrete slabs, such as those found in patios, driveways, garages, or cement walkways, may exhibit visible cracks. In the case of brick dwellings, cracks can take the form of diagonal lines that follow the mortar joints from the ground upward. These telltale signs indicate that the building has settled, and the ground beneath has shifted.

In situations like this, the result can often be the emergence of cracks within the concrete slabs comprising the structure. These cracks can manifest in various areas, such as on a patio, driveway, inside the garage, or along a cement walkway. For brick dwellings, the indication of settlement and ground shifting might take the form of diagonal cracks following the mortar lines from the ground upwards.

In regions like Ottawa and its surrounding areas, where the soil experiences significant saturation, it can become softer and more prone to collapsing beneath the weight of a structure. This, in turn, becomes a prime contributor to the development of foundation leaks Ottawa and foundation leaks Petawawa. The consequence of such foundational cracks is the potential entry point for water, especially when these cracks extend to the basement floor or walls.

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