Foundation Cracks

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Foundation Cracks

The normal cause of foundation cracks is fluctuations in the amount of moisture contained in the soil that a structure is built upon. When the weather is dry in Ottawa and the surrounding areas, the soil will dry and of course, when the weather is damp the soil will reflect this same condition. This is when a structure will tend to sink into the ground.

In this scenario, cracks may appear in the concrete slabs that are part of the structure, such as a patio, driveway, in the garage or a cement walkway. If a dwelling is brick, a crack can appear as a diagonal line that follows the mortar line from the ground up. These are all indications that the building has settled and the ground has shifted.

When the soil here in Ottawa and the surrounding areas, is extremely water soaked, it can collapse, from getting softer, beneath a structure, which causes foundation cracks. This translates into a possibility of water entering through the crack, specifically when the crack is in a basement floor or wall. If this happens, it can lead to mould or mildew manifesting at first because the crack or cracks are small and may go un-noticed.

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