Wet Basements

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Wet Basements

Having a wet basement is a major problem for many homeowners in the Ottawa area. Specifically when there is standing water, this applies to crawlspaces as well. The problems that can manifest from this condition in a crawlspace are mud and mildew from the standing water that is present. In a basement, mould and mildew can grow and affect the air quality of the house.

Wet Basements can cause Floors to Slope

A wet basement can be caused by cracks in the walls and in the floor as well as leaking or sweating pipes. When there is excessive water in either a basement or a crawlspace the moisture will seek drier areas and create issues with the interior of the Ottawa area home in the form of windows and door being difficult to shut or open. This happens because of a shift in the flooring that causes the walls, door frames, and window frames to shift.

With a cracked floor that allows standing water to accumulate soil may enter as well creating quit a mess in the wet basement. Standing water under or around a foundation will weaken the soil and cause the ground to shift resulting in damage to the foundation. A tilting or sloping basement wall can cause the interior floors to slope and in general is a more complex process of foundation repair.


Standing Water in your Crawlspace can cause additional issues

As it stands, when it comes to inspecting both a crawlspace and a basement in an Ottawa home, the crawlspace is a bit more difficult to do so because of the limited access. This is one reason why there is a greater level of condensation in a crawlspace. This comes from the low amount of air flow and change in temperatures due to the ground and the heat that radiates from the floor of the home.

Under such conditions, the floor joists will eventually give in to the humidity by mould that begins to grow and thus rot the wood. The components that are also affected are the sub-flooring, electrical, and mechanical systems along with any insulation that is present. In addition, the support columns can shift and sink causing the floor in the house to sag or slope in your Ottawa home stipulating the there is a need for foundation repair.