Why is My Basement Flooded?

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Why is My Basement Flooded?

Basements are prone to flooding and flooding can occur at any time. It is often caused by inclement weather, but there are several other things that can cause flooding. These include:

  • A Blocked Floor Drain
  • Lack of a Sump Pump
  • Blocked Roof Gutters
  • Downspouts that Don’t Extend
  • Water Coming in Through Window Wells
  • Lack of General Maintenance
  • Read on to find out more about why your basement may be flooded and what you can do to prevent flooding.

A Blocked Floor Drain: A floor drain works to prevent flooding and other forms of water damage. However, these drains can become clogged with dirt that can obstruct the pipes and prevent draining. Do your best to keep drains free of debris to prevent flooding.

Lack of a Sump Pump: A sump pump works to move groundwater away from the house’s foundation. It channels the water and pumps it into a storm drain.

Not only should you be sure to have a sump pump installed, you should make sure that it is connected to a battery backup as a raging storm can knock out its power source making it more likely that your basement will become flooded.

Blocked Roof Gutters: Like a sump pump, roof gutters work to move rainwater away from your house to avoid oversaturating ground water. If dirt, leaves and other debris clogs your gutters, water will collect and spill over the edges increasing the likelihood that flooding will occur.

Clogging is even more likely to happen if you have trees surrounding your house. If this is the case, gutter screens or guards can be used to prevent leaves and dirt from building up.

Note, debris from trees can be especially harmful in the wintertime as wet leaves can freeze and cause an ice dam that not only blocks gutters but can cause them to pull away from the roof.

Downspouts that Don’t Extend: Your gutter downspouts should work to drain water so that it is at least six feet away from the home, although ten or twelve feet is even better. If your downspouts aren’t draining water so it is far enough from your house, you can buy extensions at most local hardware stores.

Water That Comes in Through Window Wells: Basements that have below grade windows may have spaces where water can get in. To protect your basement from flooding, install covers to prevent accumulation. Clear acrylic covers are inexpensive and will allow light to come into your basement while keeping water and debris out.

General Maintenance: Cracks in your foundation will make it more likely for water to get into your basement. Although these may be part of a bigger problem, start by sealing any visible cracks with epoxy to prevent flooding.

It is very common for basements to become flooded. If flooding occurs in your house, or if you want to prevent flooding from happening in the first place, give us a call! We will make all the necessary repairs to reverse damage and keep your basement warm and dry, even during those rainy seasons!