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Foundation Repair Cost

For every possible foundation issue, bowing basement walls, sloping floors, and cracked concrete slabs, there is a solution. For most situations the repair is customized to fit the issue because no one situation has the same root cause even when the indications of a foundation compromises appear to be commonly connected in one manner or another. Therefore, foundation repair costs here in the metropolitan and rural areas of Ottawa will vary between similar repairs.

One example would be the amount of excavation that may be required for an exterior repair to the foundation. This can add to the difficulty of the repair. This translates into most repairs being driven by the amount of labour involved.

Consider Foundation Repair Costs as an Investment

If your Ottawa home has a foundation issue, you should invest in a permanent repair. One main reason behind this is the value of the property is reduced when it is distressed and goes up when in good repair. When it comes to selling the property, few people will even look at a house with a compromised structure unless they are in the market to fix and remodel the house and then they will willingly pay a high price for the property.

In addition, consider the mandate that requires full disclosure of all issues, including foundation problem, to potential buyers, (this is covered by the Real Estate Seller Disclosure Act). As a seller, you have to consider the selling price is automatically reduced by a broker to as much as 20% regardless of market value. In this respect, it makes sense to invest in your Ottawa property when foundation repair costs become apparent.

Another way to approach this is, in the long run, by not fixing any type of issue with a foundation, the potential loss will outweigh the investment in repairing the structure. With this in mind, we offer a FREE inspection accompanied with an estimate for any repairs that are determined as necessary. What follows is a proposal with a locked in price for the repair.

There were 3 cracks in the foundation. Ben took the time to explain his work. His prices are fair and his work is honest. Would highly recommend!
– Darren J.