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Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing a basement is something that can be done after a house is constructed. It takes excavating the land around the house away from the foundation footer and applying a product by Advanced Coatings called Rub-R-Wall. The vehicle for applying Rub-R-Wall to the outer walls of the foundation is a liquid spray.

The result is a rubber membrane that seals the foundation below ground level. The single component coating complies with the VOC and possesses both exceptional elastic and bonding properties to the surfaces that it is applied to. This means, as the foundation expands and contracts due to the movement of the soil surrounding it the coating moves with it without losing its integrity.

Foundation Repair Ottawa offers a lifetime warranty that is transferable for all installations of the Rub-R-Wall waterproofing product. This is the one, sure way that works to keep your Ottawa home basement dry. In order to apply it the process calls for digging down and around the complete footer for full exposure.

During this time, we will inspect the drainage system along with the weeping tiles and repair them and the foundation if needed before we backfill the excavation with a 14 inch barrier of clear stone and the native soil to act as an additional avenue for water to move away from the foundation.

I am completely satisfied with the recent repair work done in my house.
– Joseph A.