Basement Flooding

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Basement Flooding

When a house is constructed with a basement, the design is meant to stay dry. However, by natural occurrences, the house settles and shifts because of movements in the ground surrounding the foundation of the structure. What eventually happens is the basement leaks, and becomes damp and the air smell musty.

Understanding this, having a leak or damp basement can result in extensive repairs that can be costly if the condition is left alone for any length of time. This includes water damage to stored personal items that might be irreplaceable. However, leaky basements are repairable.

Before any attempt at a repair has begun, it is important to understand the cause of the flooding or dampness, which ever the case may be. This way it can diminish unnecessary expenses. This translates into providing options for fixing and effectively repairing the damaged foundation.

Stating that not all leaks have a single method of rectifying them, because the origins of a leak while common, no one is the same, such as beginning in a wall, coming from a pipe, or from a ceiling, or a window or hatchway. Each source has different means of repair. This is why it is important to locate the source first, which can be dependent on weather conditions or structural damage to pipes caused by the shifting foundation.

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