As an Ottawa homeowner you may be experiencing foundation problems.  So, this is a very legitimate question.  An equally legitimate answer is:

It Depends!

Average Foundation Repair Cost

It is impossible to offer an estimate on foundation repair without actually viewing the area.  It will depend on many factors, including:

  • Type of problem
  • Location of problem
  • Severity
  • Type of solution

An example we would like to offer involves the home settling and bricks are cracked:

  • The solution may involve the installation of one or more push piers.  This could take a day or more to install.
  • The foundation work is isolated and only a single pier will solve the issue.  This would be less expensive
  • Bricks are damaged and will need repair.
  • If the concrete slab is sinking, a foam injection would work.

As you can tell, there are many variables.  A wild stab would be that you could expect to pay somewhere between $3,000 and $30,000.

Foundation Repair Cost in Ottawa

If you have problems around your foundation, it is best to seek professionals to inspect the property.

  • Get several estimates, preferably a minimum of three.
  • The lowest estimate is not always the best.
  • Check references.
  • Will they use professional engineers?
  • Review licenses and insurance.