It may seem to be only a small puddle or trickle, but a wet basement can be a big problem for homeowners. When moisture builds up in your basement, it can cause issues that will need costly and laborious repairs. It can lead to mould and even structure damage. So the best option is to prevent moisture from coming into your basement in the first place.

What is the cause of wet basements?

It is necessary to understand what causes wet basements to prevent moisture from getting into your basement.

Soil and drainage

The most common causes of moisture in basements are unsuitable soil and drainage methods. Rain and groundwater will seep into your basement if they are not drained properly, so water needs to be directed away from the house.

Gutter issues

If your gutters are not installed or maintained correctly, they will not direct the rainwater from your home’s foundation. Also, if it lacks proper maintenance and gets clogged, water will gather around the foundation.

Wrong slope

If the ground slopes towards the house, water will pool around the foundation rather than away.


Basements are prone to being damp. If condensation happens in your basement, it can cause mould, mildew and cause further damage.

Hydrostatic Pressure

This happens when water gathers around the foundation and causes pressure to try to find its way through the walls. This pressure can be so intense that it can cause cracks on the basement walls.

Basement cracks

If your basement walls or floors already have cracks, water can quickly get into your foundation.

Basement Waterproofing Methods


Usually, interior waterproofing is the least expensive and easiest method. A basement waterproof contractor in Petawawa will begin with checking that any cracks in your basement are well-sealed and watertight. Some special sealants ensure no water will get through the (now sealed) cracks, keeping the basement dry. They also help prevent condensation. The contractor also uses coatings on the walls and floors to create a waterproof barrier.


Generally, the problem of the wet basements is placed outside the house. When you hire a waterproofing service, it will be necessary to deal with the outside issue. For exterior waterproofing, the professional will excavate the ground around the foundation to apply a polymer-based sealant to the exterior walls. This is a process that should ideally happen during the construction of the property. Gutters systems are also crucial to exterior waterproofing.

Drainage systems

To keep your basement moisture-free, it might be a good idea to have a proper drainage system installed around the house. Drainage will direct water away from the structure of your home. To determine which drainage system is the best option for you, the contractor will have to examine the soil, as each type of soil has different draining features.

Finding help

Each home is different and will need distinct methods of basement waterproofing. If you are not yet sure of which one to choose, contact Foundations Ottawa. We offer basement waterproof services in Petawawa, Nepean, Kanata and Ottawa. Our team of experts will be glad to help you. Call us at (613) 903-4924.