With the last month of winter arriving, it is time to begin preparing for Spring. This season brings with it flowers, warmer weather and, of course, snow melting. As the temperature gradually rises above freezing, the snow turns into water, making Spring the season with the most floodings. For homeowners, this means it is time to plan for spring leaks. Fortunately, Foundation Repair Ottawa is here to help you avoid and handle leaks this Spring. 

Why does spring leaks happen

As Spring comes and the snow melts (spring thaw or thaw period), the amount of water produced is huge. Adding to that, there are also spring rains, which means we have a water load seeping into the ground. When it happens, the combined amount of melted snow and rainwater in the soil creates massive pressure on your house’s foundation – especially if it is in an area that is not correctly drained. With all that pressure, even the smallest crack on the concrete can be a potential drain valve, allowing water to leak into your basement. If you find signs of water leaks, the first step is to call a professional to evaluate the problem’s magnitude, find the source and fix it. 

What if spring leaks happen every year?

If you continually have to deal with leaks in Spring, it might mean you have a bigger foundation problem. If you live in an area where the water rises systematically – whether it is because of melting snow or rainfalls – your foundation and basement should be better prepared. To avoid any more surprises, we suggest you get a professional foundation check. Also, consider foundation waterproofing, basement waterproofing and other services that can help you with spring leaks. One of the things that can help you is a french drain installation. It is a trench that guides water to flow away from your foundation’s surroundings, avoiding the pressure that can cause any foundation damages, which leads to leakage. 

S.O.S: Spring already is here, and so is the leak

If you are reading this article, it might mean you are dealing with a leak emergency right now and are looking for help asap. Don’t panic. There are some solutions available. If you already have water in your basement, you need to handle the problem and avoid bigger issues. To do that, you will have to call an expert in basement leaks to find the source of the problem and deal with it the best way. For leaks caused by floor cracks, for example, it is possible to use a flexible polyurethane injection with high-pressure to seal the crack. This injection is suitable for water and can be used at any time – including when water flows in while the technician fixes the damage. Other options that are more complex and more permanent are also available.

Finding professional help

If you are in the middle of a flooding emergency, count on Foundation Repair Ottawa to help you. We are experts in providing foundation repair and waterproofing services, working in the Ottawa Valley area for over 25 years. Don’t wait to deal with spring leaks after your basement is already flooded; prevention is the best option to avoid floods this Spring. Contact Foundation Repair Ottawa for a quote.