Settling is a part of a home’s natural evolution. It is described as a gradual sinking into the ground that occurs when soil beneath the foundation begins to shift.

Settling is usually not cause for alarm but in some cases, it can lead to foundation repair. That’s why it’s important to know when to call for help.

Here are some indicators that your house is settling that may mean it’s time to call for help:

  • Struggling to open doors and windows
  • Gaps between the windows and walls
  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Burst water pipes
  • Slanted floors

Read on to find out more about these problems and what they can mean for your home.

Struggling to Open Doors and Windows:

As your house settles, it may cause doors and windows to become slightly angled, so they don’t fit inside their frames anymore.

Gaps Between the Windows and Walls:

Settling can cause walls to pull away from window frames leaving a noticeable gap.

Cracks in the Foundation:

As time goes on, the soil underneath the foundation of your home will start to shift causing the foundation to sink deeper into the ground. The imbalance in the foundation can cause cracks to start appearing.

However, cracks are not necessarily a sign of setting. They can also be a sign of seasonal climate changes, so if you see them, don’t assume settling is occurring.

Burst Water Pipes:

Water pipes run throughout your walls. When settling causes the house to shift downward, the pipes can become twisted. Unfortunately, because pipes are hidden behind walls, most homeowners won’t notice they are starting to shift until a pipe bursts.

Slanted Floors:

Floors will begin to slant as homes settle. This could be unnoticeable at first, but the problem tends to worsen over time.

It should be noted that slanted floors are not always due to a house settling but can also be caused by deteriorating supports and joists.

Looking over these indicators, we can see that some are more serious than others. There are some issues we can deal with while others may have more of an impact and need immediate attention.

However, the truth is, if you see any signs of settling in your home, it is best to call in an expert. They will be able to tell how serious the settling is and what repairs will be necessary.

If you are looking for an expert to provide you with reliable service call us first. We will be able to determine what repairs are necessary in countering the effects of settling in your home and we will always offer the best prices possible.   We will do whatever is necessary in keeping your house and foundation safe.