Some handy people who love DIY projects might think that basement waterproofing is easy. With the advent of the internet, it became common to attempt to do all kinds of home projects without professional help, based on videos and tutorials. But basement waterproof in Arnprior might not be one of those things you should try on your own.

Waterproofing your basement is a great idea. It helps to reduce possible seepage and cracks and also helps outside drainage. But trying to do it yourself with no expertise can have its disadvantages. In this article, we will show you why you shouldn’t DIY your basement waterproofing.

Time and efficiency.

There are many elements in the basement waterproof process in Arnprior. It requires intensive work and skills. It is not unusual to find homeowners who attempted to do it, started digging and then didn’t finish it. If this happens and the hole is left open, the ground can become so soaked that it would have to be drained before it could be correctly excavated. It is best not to start a project you will not be able to finish.

More than digging

Waterproofing the exterior of your home requires excavation around the foundation. This is work that needs to be done fast and correctly, which means it is best if a team of experts perform the job. It is more challenging than you might think and might even need a permit – which a professional contractor can help you with. Not doing it correctly can cause serious problems if a gas or water line is damaged.

Wrong Material for Basement Waterproofing

Using the right materials for basement waterproofing is essential, including the ones used on the exterior of basement walls. The risks of trying to do it yourself involve using the wrong supplies. Imagine you excavated the area, applied the waterproof material you chose and backfilled the trench all by yourself. After all that, you find out that the tar you selected is not a good option for long-term waterproofing if you did not repair the foundation correctly. Frustrating, right? Not having this type of knowledge can get you in trouble.

Excavating is serious

Note that to waterproof your basement, you will need to dig a 7 – 8 ft deep trench and do it alone is not an easy task. If not done correctly with the right shoring, it can cave in and cause dangerous accidents. We would advise you to hire a specialized contractor who will know the proper excavation and trench bracing techniques.

You might be used to DIY projects in your house, but basement waterproofing is not a project you can take carelessly. It is better to call a professional to do the job than start it yourself and not finish or risk doing it wrong (and having to call for professional help anyways).

Need a contractor to waterproof your basement?

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