Wall Straightening

If you are planning to finish your basement here in Ottawa there are some things you should understand before doing so. This is because your house may need wall straightening. Naturally, the integrity of the walls should be intact prior to this type of undertaking along with the basement being dry. This means having the house inspected first to determine if it need foundation repair. The reason for this is for the following reasons.

Your basement walls have a high amount of pressure exerted on them from the soil here in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. This is a natural phenomenon. Accordingly, this is the reason that all basements will eventually suffer from cracks and shifting. Other signs are buckling, tilting, and bowing from this pressure. This translates into wall straightening fixing issues that manifest because of the poor state of repair the foundation is in.

Drainage plays a role in keeping a basement dry

Other aspects, such as the type of soil a structure is built upon that matters as well as the amount of moisture and the percentage of clay content of soil, that have additional effects. Adding to this list, the depth of the structure matters too. Above the ground, storm drainage plays a role in keeping a basement dry and a foundation repair, along with the slop of the land surrounding the building.

However, hydrostatic pressure, freezing temperatures, and moisture absorbed by soil containing high percentages of clay have the most impact on the condition of a building foundation here in Ottawa. This means that when the ground expands due to cold temperatures that freeze the water content, held in the clay, the results can be any of the following on a basement, as mentioned, bowing, and cracks, shifting or tilting. To repair any one of these conditions we suggest using and applying a GeoLock™ Wall Anchor System for the purpose of wall straightening. The process for applying this system in Ottawa is as follows,

  • Excavating the perimeter of the foundation
  • Positioning the anchors into the stratum for support
  • Preparing the foundation walls
  • Mounting the wall plates that are attached to the anchors
  • Straightening the foundation walls
  • Cleaning up & preparing for basement finishing

The conditions that can be present when the basement walls are tilted are uneven floors in the house, doors and windows that are difficult to open or shut, and cracked drywall or sheetrock and separation between the interior walls and the floor. Basement wall straightening, as part of a foundation repair, will fix these issues.

If you have bowed walls or wall that lean, make sure to give the foundation experts, at Foundation Repair Ottawa a call at  (613) 903-4924. We have the expertise to resolve your issues.