Push Pier Systems

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Push Pier Systems

There are two distinct methods for reinforcing and supporting a sinking foundation here in Ottawa. These are the Helical and push pier systems. What follows is a brief explanation of each type of system.

Helical Pier Systems

This is a permanent stabilization system that allows us to return a structure back to its original level position, after it has sunk due to a shift in the supporting soil. The helical pier system is comprised of Round-shaft helical piers that have a high resistance to buckling and the ability to penetrate the soil deeply. These are preferred over the square helical shafts for this reason.

The main advantage in using helical piers here in Ottawa is that they do not require using the weight of the structure for installation. This translates into the ability to be used for either light or heavy structures such as decks or stoops. When installed, they are screwed into the soil with either mechanical construction equipment of by hand, and when they reach the desired position, they are attached to the steel brackets mounted to the structures footer.

They underpinned our basement in summer 2017. They finished ahead of schedule and did a great job!
– Adam M.

Push Pier Systems

The difference with this type of system when compared to a helical pier system is that the associated piers are sections that are hydraulically inserted into the soil through heavy steel brackets that are mounted to the footer of the structure. They are driven deep enough to reach an acceptable load-bearing stratum. This system reaches below the soil responsible for compromising the foundation.

In addition, the push pier system is found being used in commercial and residential applications. Furthermore, this type of system is applicable in any kind of weather with minimal disruption to the environment surrounding the building being lifted back to its original position. Moreover, the push pier system allows the best method for this type of job all over Ottawa.