Foundation Underpinning

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Foundation Underpinning

When any building in Ottawa needs its foundation strengthened with added support, foundation underpinning is the process that accomplishes this task. What it entails is creating an extension of an existing foundation, making it sit deeper and in some instances wider to enable a better distribution of the building weight. The result of underpinning is great stabilization and weight capacity.

There are various scenarios where this process may be necessary to regain the initial stability of the structure or to increase it. One such scenario is, it may become a necessity because of a major excavation located within the vicinity of your house or building. Another might be the structure needs a greater load capacity because of a change in the use of the building.

Rest assured that all work performed follows the guidelines set by all local building codes. Furthermore, all Ottawa permits that are needed for an underpinning operation are acquired making the required inspections run smoothly. In addition, we present you with a complete set of options available for the execution of this type of project. Underpinning will protect a structure from earthquakes and floods, which can devastate a house or commercial building.

I am completely satisfied with the recent repair work done in my house.
– Joseph A.