Foundation Crack Repair

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Foundation Crack Repair

Here in Ottawa and the surrounding areas when water begins to enter into a basement floor and or walls, immediate attention is needed to access the resources of the water breach into the structure. Our expertise in foundation repair allows us to offer a variety of products, services, and techniques, specifically designed to find and identify all types of foundation flaws that allow moisture to enter a structure, commercial or residential. We are highly knowledgeable in construction using concrete and masonry and can identify how damage can occur, which is why we specialize in foundation crack repair.

Our Service for foundation crack repair is time tested and follows the industry standard best-practice in our methodologies. We operate using warranted and patented techniques and methods that have been recognized and awarded by the industry on a worldwide basis. Our services include the following,


Sealing Wall Cracks and Pipe Penetrations


Fixing Leaky Floor Cracks


Stop Flooding Through Windows

Great Job with this company, I was very happy with all the work. They did a great job with waterproofing and underpinning my home.

– Michel K.

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