Foundation Crack Repair

When water begins to enter into a basement floor and or walls, immediate attention is needed to access the resources of the water breach into the structure.


Wall Straightening

Your basement walls have a high amount of pressure exerted on them from the soil here in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. This is the reason that all basements will eventually suffer from cracks and shifting.

Foundation Repair Ottawa is a professional basement and building foundation repair company.

Our foundation contractors specialize in solving common foundation problems like foundation cracks, wet basements, slab settlement and more.
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Crack Repair

Warranted Methods For Foundation Crack Repair.

When water starts to leak through your basement walls or floors, it can quickly lead to a very serious flood in your home. At Foundation Repairs Ottawa, we provide a variety of repair products and techniques — each designed specifically to take on a different source of leaks in their foundation walls and basement’s concrete floors.

Wall Repair

Repairing & Straightening Tilting Walls.

Basement walls that are showing signs of bowing, buckling and tilting can only get worse over time. Any foundation walls that are showing these signs should be addressed before finishing the basement. At Foundation Repair Ottawa, we recommend correcting damage done to failing foundation walls with the GeoLock™ Wall Anchor System.

Settlement Repair

Looking for Tell-tale signs.

Foundation settlement problems and settlement house movement are surprisingly common, mainly because buildings are heavy and some types of soil have poor load-bearing capability. Foundation settlement typically occurs when soil compresses (settles) or is washed away because of heavy rain or a water leak.

French Drains

Moving water away from your home. 

This is a perimeter drain, or a French drain, found quit often in Ottawa and it is the best way to stop a basement from flooding. This type of drain is a trench filled with rock or gravel that guides water running on the surface away from the area it surrounds.

Window Well Installation

Stop water from entering your home. 

A window well is the area outside a basement window, which both retains the surrounding dirt and drains rainwater away. Window wells are required when any portion of a basement window is below grade and may be a source of water penetration.

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