Window Well Installation

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Window Well Installation

There are many ways for water to penetrate into your home and it is often difficult to determine the root cause. You may notice stains on the wall, dampness, pooling water and/or musty smells. Window wells may be an easy option to consider.

A window well is the area outside a basement window, which both retains the surrounding dirt and drains rainwater away. Window wells are required when any portion of a basement window is below grade and may be a source of water penetration.

Foundation Repair Ottawa specializes in window well installation throughout the Ottawa area. We can help you to assess the source of water damage and determine if window wells will help protect your home from future leaks.

There were 3 cracks in the foundation. Ben took the time to explain his work. His prices are fair and his work is honest. Would highly recommend!
– Darren J.

A properly installed window well will collect water and then drain it away from your home. Without a window well, the water might constantly be resting against your foundation and seeping into your home. Window wells also protect your window frames from damage. When water stands against the side of your home and builds up on the window frames, your frames begin to rust and look unsightly.

Whether you are looking for ways to keep water out of your home or just want to spruce up your basement, Foundation Repair Ottawa can help you with all of your Ottawa window well needs.