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Foundation Repair Contractor

Known foundation issues: Sinking, Aging, Bowing, Crumbling, Cracking, and Holes

No foundation is immune to the eventual appearance of any of the above issues here in Ottawa or the surrounding areas. When and if any one of them presents themselves, a remedy is easily found by hiring a certified and insured foundation repair contractor. Understandably, when a foundation manifests a crack, a hole, appears to be crumbling, or sinking it is time to take actions that will rectify these conditions.

If any one of these conditions goes un-checked or ignored, they will lead to conditions that are more serious in nature. The most dangerous is a loss of structural integrity followed by water damage that can show as mould and mildew, while seemingly insignificant, can cause a change in the air quality, and lead to environmental health problems. A compromise in structural integrity can appear as a crack in a basement wall, drywall, sloping floors, uneven roof-line, or bowed exterior walls.

This why it is important to consult with a professionally licensed foundation repair contractor with the ability to access the damage accurately, and who will provide you with a cost-effective method of repairing the problem. Naturally, as time passes, a foundation will begin to break down, in a manner of speaking, by cracking or developing small holes that can lead to leaks in a basement and begin eating away at the interior of the home by creating a damp environment. This means that if any flaws have been detected, they need immediate rectification.

I am completely satisfied with the recent repair work done in my house.
– Joseph A.

Indications of a compromised foundation by cracks or holes will show as dampness in the air, wet carpets, water stains on walls, ceilings, or wet baseboards. Typically, the source of a leak is never at the spot of the indication. Seeing these signs, calls for contacting a foundation repair contractor in the Ottawa area that will find and identify the root cause and provide the repair.

Keep in mind that no matter how small a crack may appear it can manifest into serious secondary issues. When or if there is any suspicion of foundation damage, call a foundation repair contractor in Ottawa for immediate help. They will identify any issue that may be present and suggest a proper course of action to fix the problem.