Wall Crack Repair

The unfortunate thing about a foundation wall crack is that this is a typical issue found throughout Ottawa and the rest of Ontario. This happens because of the normal shifting that occurs in the soil. The soil shifts when it is weakened by high moisture content from heavy rains or floods.

However, in most cases here in Ottawa, a foundation wall crack that is small does not pose any grave danger, unless moisture is entering the dwelling because of the crack. This applies to the footer in a house with a crawlspace. Nonetheless, there are remedies designed specifically to address cracks in a foundation wall, basement floors, as well as the issues that manifest in the interior of the dwelling as a direct result of the foundation flaw.

Some of them are as follows:

  • Foundation stabilization
  • Waterproofing techniques
  • House levelling and
  • Using Epoxy Injection techniques for crack repair

This last method is useful in scenarios where a crack in the foundation does not degrade the integrity of the foundation enough to allow any amount of moisture to enter. In other words, this method is used as a preventative measure, once the crack has been noticed. Furthermore, epoxy injection, or epoxy crack injection, is reliably effective as a remedy for cracks in concrete. Additionally, this is a preferred method used in repairing a pour slab that is leaking.

When there is a persistent problem with a house shifting the other methods mentioned here, such as foundation stabilization and house levelling are performed using a pier system. This type of remedy finds deeper soil or bedrock that is better suited to support the weight of the house. Afterwards, when the Ottawa house is level and has greater support, waterproofing the foundation is a good measure to ensure no further leaking occurs in the future.

If you have wall cracks that you are concerned about, make sure to give the foundation experts, at Foundation Repair Ottawa a call at  (613) 903-4924. We have the expertise to resolve your issues.