Settlement Repair

This is a common condition in Ottawa that happens when the soil beneath a structures foundation collapses. Furthermore, a foundation settlement can eventually fail under the weight of the building, or the surrounding soil gets washed away from natural occurrences, such as rain, or water leaks. Settlement repair take the form of two processes.

First, let us look at some of the signs associated with foundation settlement,

  • Tilting chimneys
  • Concrete exterior stairs that tilt or sink
  • Vertical cracks in foundation walls
  • Cracked and sunken slabs
  • Cracks in drywall around window and door openings
  • Cracked brick veneer or exterior stucco
  • Skewed openings that make doors and windows difficult to operate

The two solutions highly recommended in Ottawa to fix foundation settlement,

  • Foundation Underpinning
  • Foundation Pier Systems