When it comes to sealing concrete walls in Ottawa there are various methods. One such method is Rub-R-Wall, which is an asphalt free single component 100 percent rubber membrane used for waterproofing a concrete wall. The membrane is the result of advanced hydrocarbon polymer technology.

The properties of the membrane include high strength, strong adhesion, and superlative elasticity that garners a non-deteriorating seamless membrane of rubber. The following features or rub-r-wall is what makes this product a desired method for sealing water breaches in new or old construction in Ottawa,

  • It is useable in temperatures as cold as -15°C
  • It is a seamless, rubberized membrane, (single component)
  • It has a strong enough adhesive property to attach to plywood, concrete block, insulated concrete forms, and poured concrete.
  • Its elasticity gives it the ability to stretch 1800% of its original size
  • It is highly suitable for both restoration and new construction projects
  • Requires installation by certified application technicians
  • It has a Limited Lifetime Warranty for residential application (see warranty for details)