French Drain

This is a perimeter drain, or a French drain, found quit often in Ottawa and it is the best way to stop a basement from flooding. This type of drain is a trench filled with rock or gravel that guides water running on the surface away from the area it surrounds. In some instances, a perforated pipe is used in place of the gravel or rock. The drain can also have a combination of gravel with a perforated pipe underneath to redirect any water that filters or seeps down through the gravel.

The main feature of a French drain is that it can be made from a gravel substitute, which is lightweight, wrapped around the perforated pipe and covered with a filter fabric. Here in Ottawa this type of drain is found primarily utilized in preventing surface water from contacting a foundation avoiding any damage. Moreover, they are also used to accompany a retaining wall. When this type of drain is utilized in this manner, they help reduce surface water pressure.

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